Your Boudoir photos should capture both your inner and outer beauty..

“Whether you are looking for a boudoir collection for yourself or special someone, you will feel comfortable with Tatiana as she works with you in the creation of your beautiful boudoir collection. Enjoy intimate self-discovery and appreciation through the process.”

Tatie B Photography

Boudoir Photography Sessions

You are unique! You do not have to fit in any preconceived box that society wants. Enjoy photographs that display both your inner and outer beauty because they capture the you that you love. Shy? Flamboyant? Conservative? Wild and Free? Show the side(s) of your personality you wish to share with the world, or just as a keepsake for you or your favorite friend or family member.

Fall in love with yourself! Show me your confidence and I’ll capture your beauty.

Creating photographs to show all the different sides of you!