Your Wedding Day is special, capture your special moments.

“Tell your story! Lifestyle portraits are a lovely way to express yourself and show off your inner as well as outer beauty. Choose your favorite setting, turn on your favorite tunes and be yourself. Find joy and imagination in just being you.”

Tatie B Photography

Lifestyle Photography Sessions

You are unique! You do not have to fit in any preconceived box that society wants. Enjoy photographs that display both your inner and outer beauty because they capture the you that you love. Shy? Flamboyant? Conservative? Wild and Free? Show the side(s) of your personality you wish to share with the world, or just as a keepsake for you or your favorite friend or family member.

Lifestyle photographs are a way to capture a memory, moment in time, and a means to remember the best parts of yourself.

Packages start at $3,500

Creating photographs to show all the different sides of you!