Music is My Religion

When I was a young musician, there was this little song my teacher would have us play and sing. To this day I always remember the first line, “my violin is a good friend to me…” and I think if my kid self could see into the future, she would be utterly delighted to see how true that holds some 23 years later.


My relationship to music and particularly the fiddle is one of the longest and most dynamic ones in my life. Music has provided me a language beyond words, a form of expression that grows alongside me, it’s provided opportunities for me to explore the world and introduced me to some of my dearest friends. My musical background is intricately woven into my identity and is painted by inspiration, collaboration, evolution and exploration.


I started playing from a very young age, following the Suzuki Method – a pedagogy that relies on teaching and learning by ear. My early career was shaped by classical music, recitals and orchestra by day and concerts my mom shared with me by night. Powerhouse women in music like Allison Kraus and Natalie McMaster lit up my eyes as a little girl and expanded my perception of the violin. At 13 I attended my first fiddle camp and the proverbial lid was blown off of my classical world in a much more personal way.

Over the next decade I found a rich and welcoming community in the fiddle camp world that introduced me to music from around the globe – Scottish, Irish, Old Time, Scandinavian, Galacian, Bluegrass and various forms of traditional music. And not just music, but mentors, teachers and friends too. As a kid from a small town, music became a literal gateway to the world and ignited my passion for exploration.

Now, my personal sound is a mosaic of influence from the people I’ve learned from, musicians that inspire me, places I’ve traveled to and memories I’ve collected that sing from my instrument. I’ve played in bands, collaborated with other musicians and attended festivals around the world. I love to use my ear training to absorb new styles and tunes and have always been drawn to collaboration with others and the opportunity to share music. In addition to my experience with the fiddle, I am a vocalist, songwriter, love to dance and am a fierce advocate for the impact and power of music. I’m honored to have a friend like the fiddle, to know it so well and trust beyond a shadow of doubt that we’ll be in each other’s lives through it all.