Passion by Firelight Photography

The most beautiful expression of art is Love. Love can be manifested in different ways such as a romantic moment with your loved one which I would enjoy capturing through my lens as a piece of art.

I recently had the pleasure to photograph two amazing artists, Nirmala and Sam. Nirmala is an artist that specializes in creating the “ñanduti” or “spider web”, which is an embroidery weaving originally created by the Guarani native people of Paraguay, South America. And Sam finds his artistic expression as a Gardener/Graftperson who grows food and herbs and who does masonry, good and metal work, a profession that he is passionate about.

Passion by Firelight Photography

I had a wonderful time listening to their personal histories and how art brought them together. Their stories inspired me to include them in my own artistic endeavor of capturing the essence of these two amazing souls in love with my camera.

As a photographer I am always an apprentice of life, I always enjoy experimenting with light and shadows in my photographs. When I photographed this couple, I was amazed at the results of the lighting. 

In my search of experimenting with lighting I ended up with the conclusion that the fire that set the passion is my key light.

Behind a photograph many histories can be told. I am passionate while capturing feelings through my camera, I am obsessed with the light that comes from inside of people in-love. Sam and Nirmala taught me that human nature is love and to be in-love.